Sexual Infrastructures

Eye-opening and… it makes you think critically about society, our needs (both collective and individual), and how we independently and corporately find resolution or solutions to these tensions that we feel.

Schulze says she believes the facility works well. “I think every city should have a secure space for sex workers to work, to rest,” she says. “Every city should have that because there’s prostitution in every city.”

The attitude that if sex work is inevitable it should be safe has spread across the city. “Even for the districts where women stand on the street, there’s a toilet, a shower, places to go if you need help,” says Schulze, now an advocate at a professional association for sex workers in Germany.

The idea is slowly spreading. In Berlin, officials are considering a proposal to install Cologne-style facilities for sex workers and their customers in what is now the city’s main red-light district, south of Tiergarten park.

via Guardian

Absolutely fascinating! Forces you to think about something that you almost never think about.