Sharing to Medium Publications

Something that I’ve been doing for a little bit of time is sharing my content that I create to other Medium Publications.

I was, at first, a bit anxious when the first publication requested to use my content and I declined invitations for a long time before I finally said “Yes” to one.

Now, a good portion of the content that I write not only goes to my profile (via a very handy and simple WordPress plugin) but many of the posts get submitted to other, much-larger publications.

One that got published last night was in the queue for nearly 6 months before it finally went public:

I wrote the original on March 16th and submitted it for review. Now, Free Code Camp is one of the largest publications in Medium with over 300,000 subscribers.


Consequently, it gets a lot of attention and press and I know that Quincy has done a helluva job putting it together and also training up new editors and volunteer staff to manage the attention (super hat-tip to him!).

On a related note, an interesting thing that I’ve noticed is how much Medium articles get shared via social networking sites.

Some of my posts have been rampantly shared when they’ve been published and continue to be shared even months after they’ve been published.

I don’t know if the sharing experience is necessarily better than other systems, but, my canonical posts do not get nearly as much social shares as Medium publications.

This doesn’t necessarily equate to a massive difference in pageviews and/or engagement, but, it is an interesting thing to notice.

I’ve seen a lot of folks recently reverting back to other publishing mediums (like WordPress) and I think the publishing space is still very much a wild-and-wooly place; things change all the time around here.

But one thing is for absolute certain: Independent publishing will never die. I think it behooves the publisher and writers to always consider aligning their writing efforts with a technology that is just as sustainable.