The Greatest Gift You Can Give Me Is Sharing My Content!

Thanks all!

I just wanted to let you know (if you were ever wondering… perhaps not…!) that the greatest gift that you can give me as a blogger and author here is to simple tell other people about the free resources that I’ve created for you!

Whether it’s emailing some of the links and/or content to a friend or co-worker, blogging about the changes that you’ve made as a result of some of my tutorials with links back to the helpful post, or even sharing your thoughts about being a TentBlogger offline – it’s all the same to me!

And I seriously appreciate it!

But one of the best (and fastest) ways to bless me is to simply click the Social Sharing icons to the right of this blog post.

As you can see I’ve got tons of options, including the new Google +1 sharing box!

Want the code? It’s quite simple:



You can easily grab the new sharing code here and then make sure to share it publicly via your Google Profile.

Here’s my profile, just so that you can see it in the real:

Sharing Google's +1 Feature!

As you can see you can easily edit and add the tab to make it public:

That was easy...!

The point is that I try my very best (and I don’t have to do too much since the sharing bar is included in the Standard Theme!) to make it as easy as possible for you to share my content and it’s a huge way to support me and the community here!

So, as you guys read and complete each blog post it would be so awesome if you could choose one (or more…!) of the social networks that you use and love and click it to share it the post!

Thanks again guys – I appreciate you!

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