Alpha Test, Codename: Sharknado!



I know, it’s ridiculous. But that’s because this update is pretty ridiculous as well.

Oh, and it’s also because the first two people to respond when I asked yesterday mentioned “sharknado” and “sharkicane”!

Why the heck not, right?

Ok, this build is really close to the final product as you can get. I’ve spend most of my time firming up the speed of the app as well as some of the internal mechanisms that make it run smoothly.

I’ve also spent most of my week on the new temp Coming Soon page as well as a refresh of this blog’s design (what do you think?!). Other than that I’ve been working on locking down the boring things, like the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, the new landing page for launch (I’m sending Kickstarter Backers a sneak peek this weekend!), content and copy for emails, and tons of the small stuff.

Whew! It really is like a tornado with sharks falling from the skies… … … … ok, not.

Get Your Testing Shoes On…

Please, please, please stress test the app as much as you can this week and provide direct feedback on our Uservoice page. This is so important for us at this point as I am down to the very few last weeks of tweaking and refining!

I need your tests! So when I say “stress test” I mean that you should test the !@#$ out of it!

Ok, here’s what you can expect in this new build:

  1. Camera Focus

I honestly couldn’t believe I had forgotten this as a core component! It took me 3 days to include it into the system though and I’m glad I did.


  1. Profile Updates

You should now be able to click the link in your profile. Big deal, I know, right? Yup.


Click that link!

  1. Watermarking

The option to turn “on” and “off” the watermarking is now here! Turn it on, turn it off, etc.

Very last (but not least) option! Very important I think.

Very last (but not least) option! Very important I think.

Also, I’ve made it so that you only see the watermark on your blog, social networking share, and the image containers and not in the app itself as that’s redundant and less clean.

  1. Polished Share Settings

The ability to choose the right Twitter account when logging in and small polishing via Twitter’s API.

  1. Speed

I’ll be spending most of my time in the next few and final weeks tweaking the speed of the app. It’s incredibly important that the app is fast and that it feels responsive. This is stretching my engineering skills and technical knowledge to its limits and I know that if we continue to scale and grow that I’ll need to hire a real expert scaling engineer.

You should be able to experience one optimization by simply scrolling down the home screen. It should be much faster.

  1. App-wide Messaging

I’ve spent time on adding messages for logging out, deleting, and other notifications as well as when the internet connection is not available, etc.

It's the small things sometimes...

It’s the small things sometimes…

  1. Login Issues

Tons of login issues should be fixed as well as small aesthetic changes, like dimming the background when you click on one of the fields. For example:

Dim background.

Dim background.

Simple but stuff that makes it just look refined.

  1. Support Links

Links in the Support area are now been generated – content isn’t ready though yet so don’t complain that they are broken!

Don’t worry, it’ll be fixed when we launch.

  1. Content and Copy

General content and copy have been edited and linked up, like the 2 welcome emails generated when a new user signs up:



  1. Likes, Comments, Other Fixes

Complain and delete bugs in comments have been fixed. Likers are now clickable, other small fixes here and there.


Finally, make sure you start thinking about the big marketing push that we’re going to have – I have one of the largest emails / newsletters drafted for those that have committed to being on our Launch Team to provide explicit strategy and tactics on how we can kill it when we launch.

This is a special group and will be given unique access to me and other things. Consider becoming an evangelist for Pressgram!

Word up. Have a killer shark-free weekend folks.