If you’ve never heard the term “sherlocked” then here’s your quick primer:

“Sherlocked” means that you’ve developed a product only to have Apple release the same functionality or feature set natively in a system update.

I’ve talked generally about this before in the upcoming iOS 8 update and there are a ton of photo and image editing applications that are collectively groaning as Apple again sherlocks an entire market segment and niche app industry.

Essentially they are bringing some very powerful native editing features to their new Photos App which will create an obvious redundancy with a ton of apps.

What does this mean for the small boutique and indy developer who’s trying their hardest to find a foothold (any for that matter will do!)? What does it mean for the hobbyist or even the professional development agency and firm?

I believe it requires them to think long and hard and deeply about their intent and their mission. What exactly were they trying to achieve? What were they exactly trying to accomplish with their app? And is there really anything that needs to change? Or is there something massive they can do to move in the direction of the proverbial pivot?

Speaking personally about Pressgram I’ve done some serious thinking about moving even closer to the original roots of what this app is and the original mission: Publishing photos to the web. I want to rework the entire publishing system and experience. That’s what I know best. That’s what I’m passionate about. And that’s what it’s always been about.

With the right attitude one can experience a “sherlocked” moment in a very positive light. Instead of feeling the pangs of defeat one can see overwhelming opportunity.