Shipping is Salvation

Getting to launch for any sized project is tough and even if you’ve done it many times before it’s still tough.

I think this is especially difficult if it’s a personal project where you do not have any external pressure to ship as compared to a team project or enterprise piece of software – in the former the only “boss” that you have is you and you can call the shots including whether you want a “ship date” or none at all.

In fact, most projects that are created never see the light of day and I think that’s as sad and unfortunate consequence of… well, a lot of things.

But, pushing things through is an act of more than self-discipline; it’s a decision to die to oneself, to do something unnatural and to willingly open ourselves up to the world and showcase something private about ourselves.

The act of creating is always like that; self-revelation.

So, anyways, I’m finding a bit of time here and there to put together the last bits and pieces of Desk version 3.0, which I’m very excited to get out the door.

Right now I’m squashing bugs here and there, the most recent are small issues with things like Markdown. For instance, I’m having issues with the app interpreting and translating video links not working in self-hosted WordPress installations versus blogs.

We’re getting into the weeds now but here’s the problem (for those interested): You must enable Markdown via WordPress settings in self-hosted blogs and if the blogger is running WordPress 4.6.1 or below then the Markdown functionality isn’t available and you can only use WYSIWYG.

If higher than 4.6.1 then it’s possible but, again, requires you to manually turn it on. What to do?

Well, what I’ve thought through is that if the user wants to post then the app will check the version and if under 4.6.1 then it’ll show a small pop-up that suggests the user use WYSIWYG or upgrade.

I think this will be the most optimum solution but, I’ll admit, that it’s not really that optimal because it really messes up the flow and experience of publishing. The writer is at this crucial moment, ready to showcase their thoughts to the world and they are blocked because of some setting or some version of their installation that may require a lot more time and work to get adjusted.

Fixing this will take just a few hours, tops, but, I wish there was a better way. And even if it just takes a few hours to fix it’s enough to have me push out the release date because mentally it feels like a lot more (which sucks).

Self-revelation isn’t without cost. You feel the weight of these decisions at every turn and you can become your worst enemy at any moment. But shipping is salvation.