Live Example of How Short Term Goals Help You Create Content

Sometimes short term goals (that post is specifically about traffic, but same application) can really help you not only focus but create amazing content. I’ve talked about short-term goals previously and how I use them every single day and let me tell you that it is truly one of my most valuable assets when it comes to creating blog content for any number of my blogs.

And sometimes I get really lucky and circumstance and environment can help in that regard as well. Take for example this little card that I got as I walked onto my flight from Atlanta to Dallas – it’s a 15 minute wifi connection for $1.95 called the Quick Pass.

It literally screamed at me: “Try me, test me…! See if you can blog a full 300 words in 15 minutes for $1.95 John!”

And so that’s what I decided to do – I decided to see if I could login and in 15 minutes complete a 300+ word blog post about Delta’s quick pass before it started charging me an additional amount of money.

So, I took two quick pictures, emailed them to myself via my iPhone and then connected to Delta’s wifi the moment that I was allowed to. I booted up a little screen capture application to time myself and give myself that extra layer of “competitive edge” for my short-term goal and then began typing furiously, as you can see right now.

How’d I do? I think I’m on track to knock it out of the park!

I’m going to easily clear 300 words in the blog post with tons of time to spare.

See how short-term goals can help you create valuable content? Sometimes you just need to create the right environment, give yourself a goal, and then shoot for it. See if you can do it. No one’s making you set some of these short-term goals, only you.

And guess what, now I have a 300 word blog post (because 300 words are awesome) and I’ve gotten a sweet blog post for you to check out!

Now I’ll I’ll do is save this video, speed it up, upload it, and let you check it out.

[tentblogger-vimeo 31975054]


Try short-term goal setting to increase your productivity for your blogging efforts. Trust me, it works.

[Note: It did take a while to edit the video and publish it, but otherwise the entire process took less than 10 minutes! Win.]