The Benefits and Strategy of Having Short Term Traffic Goals

January 1st, 2011: 1,005 Visits

I’ve outlined some traffic goals you should generally have for each year but sometimes you need shorter goals to help you not only stay motivated but also to gauge and measure whether or not you’re on track to achieve those goals!

So what do I do? I create those short term traffic goals that can do just that!

For example, starting January 1st of this year I crossed 1,000 site visits on a Saturday, which was, at the time, the largest traffic day for a Saturday historically. Both Saturday and Sunday are very low days for this blog. I wasn’t sure what I wanted my short term traffic goal to be but it kind of fell into my lap (that happens a lot, by the way).

I had luckily passed a milestone! So, I made a note of this and then created another short term goal to see if I could continue the pace up: Get 1,000 visits every day for the month of January!

And so far I’ve been able to do it:

Traffic is on an upward trend, over 1,000 a day.

Benefits and Strategy:

So, what are the benefits and strategies that I’m leveraging with a short term traffic goal? Here are those 3 things:

  1. Concentrated Bursts of Motivation: If you’re anything like me then it can be hard at times to set the “big” goals and then stay highly motivated. With short term goals I can stay highly motivated in a strategic set amount of time.
  2. Creating Sustainable Momentum: We all desire to actually see progress and by creating measurable short term goals you can see one’s progress clearly. Hitting those goals creates momentum which, when done well and repeatedly, can create sustainable momentum. Momentum, as a theory of practice, is a powerful factor in many different areas of life.
  3. Creating Opportunities to Celebrate: As I’ve mentioned previously, What is Celebrated is Repeated! This is a practice that you can begin today: Celebrate all the “Wins,” even the small ones, and they will be repeated! Small, short term traffic goals are easy to repeat too!

Now, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to keep the pace up for the next 9 or 10 days left in this month and so when February 1st arrives it’ll be time to set another goal.

Strategies for Creating Short Term Traffic Goals:

Joule iPad Stand

Here are a few thoughts that might give you some clarity on how to create the best short term traffic goals for your blog:

  1. Make it Challenging: Push yourself here! Go the distance!
  2. Make it Realistic: Don’t make any goals that are way outside the boundaries of your blog’s capabilities or in light of your current traffic metrics.
  3. Make it 4 Weeks: You can make as short of a time as you want for a traffic goal but 30 days seems pretty good and that’s what I use.
  4. Share Your Goals Publicly: This will help you stay motivated (or give you a lot more motivation) and give you the opportunity to celebrate it publicly as well when you make it! Involving the community around your blog is always pretty neat too.
  5. Give Yourself a Prize: This may sound pretty cheesy but I always give myself permission to have a “prize” or reward at the end of completing a traffic goal successfully. For example, if I’m able to pull off 1,000 visits for 30 consecutive days this month then I’ve set aside some money to purchase this neat iPad Stand pictured above.

Good luck and would love for you guys to start preparing for February with some short term traffic goals! Let’s hear it in the comments what they specifically!