Show All Categories WordPress Plugin

Look mom...! No more scrolling!

Ever been frustrated by having to scroll through your Categories just before you publish a blog post? I know I have!

Sometimes I spend way too much time finding that sub-category hidden beneath a bunch of other categories and all I want to do is publish the darn thing!

And if you’re using WordPress as a CMS-like solution for your website and/or your clients then you know by experience how many categories (and sub-categories, and sub-sub-sub-sub-categories) they might have, right?

In some instances it takes longer to find your categories than to write your content!

Wow. That’s just not right!

Well, here’s a very simple solution: Show All Post Categories WordPress Plugin!

Pretty simple concept really, right?

Here’s what the official description says:

This plugin does one very simple thing and yet can change the way you blog by saving you tons of time: It shows all your categories in the blog post editing screen in WordPress.

No more scrolling to find that missing category! This is especially helpful if you’ve got a number of sub-categories as well.

My hope is that you can use this to increase your level of productivity while decreasing the amount of headaches and small annoyances of publishing that post!

Seriously... no more scrolling! Yay!

Why? Because the world needs your awesome content! Let’s lower the barrier of publishing, shall we?

Download it here!

I use this on every single blog that I run as well as many of my clients who have tons of categories (good for CMS-implementations especially).

Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out all the other WordPress Plugins as well as WordPress Themes I’ve released so far!

Have a happy day of publishing!