The 3 Sentence Shuffle

Although I have dedicated times in the mornings to write life isn’t as simple as calendaring in to-dos and the like, is it? My “dedicated” is more like a period of time that is typically filled with writing but is flexible enough to manage any on-the-fly changes that are needed as I lead my teams and manage a very needy family.

Over time I’ve developed a few techniques and tricks that have helped me continue to publish, even when I don’t have a good block of time to sit down and write and the #1 technique that I use is what I affectionately call “The 3 Sentence Shuffle.”

During the busiest of days I have determined that there are periods of that day where I can reasonable bang out a few sentences for a blog post and compose the entire post over time. Sometimes these blocks of time are as little as 5 minutes a piece!

I challenge myself to craft 3 sentences as quickly as possible and then come back to it when I have another break in my busy schedule. I do not always make it to 3 full sentences but that is the goal. Even if I just get through one sentence I feel that that is acceptable as it’s built some momentum and is one sentence closer to being done.

Here are some additional thoughts about this somewhat odd yet very practical and proven personal strategy:

  1. No editing is allowed. I just write as fast as I humanly can and know that I’ll have to spend time editing later.
  2. I’ve trained myself to be ok with “incomplete.” Most people struggle with having to leave a blog post sitting for sometime in mid-sentence. I used to be like that but no longer. This just takes time.
  3. This assumes that I already have a topic in mind to write about. There is no time to waste thinking about what I should write about. When I open up my writing app I just start typing where I left off.
  4. I have found myself noodling in my head what those next three sentences will be when I step back to my computer. I don’t craft the sentences when I sit, I just transcribe what I’ve already been thinking about since I last stepped away.
  5. I feel positive and good about building momentum towards completion. I know that although I don’t like that I have to play the 3 Sentence Shuffle with myself it’s just what is and it’s how this particular day is turning out.

I don’t know if you have a similar strategy or experience but this has really worked for me over the last 10 years of blogging and writing. Does this method or strategy sound attractive to you? Do you think something like this could work?

Love to hear your thoughts.

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