On Side Projects, Family, Being Present

via Wiselike:

How do you balance a side project while also being present for your family?

As a follow up to your answer of a previous question, I was wondering, how do you balance one or more side projects, along with a full time/corp job and a young (ish) family.

Granted, your kids are slightly older than mine (mine are 4 and 2). However, I know you to be a devoted husband and father, and wanting to give your family quality time is important as well.

So, how do you best strike a balance between the two?

Here’s my answer:


Great question. Three top-level things:

  1. Presence can be measured in a number of different ways.
  2. Every family dynamic is different and one must be careful to not be too dogmatic about the tools, methods, principles, and approaches that one takes and pressure other families into believing that that is the best model.
  3. I’m not an expert and am not very good at balancing most things and so my family’s dynamic, growing relationship with my wife and kids, is a work in progress (for the rest of my life).

The reality is that every year we keep getting better and better at being a family, despite the big changes that we experience individually and collectively. We are by no means experts nor do we know much more than any other family out there, but, my wife and I have committed to continually conversate about these things and make that an intentional part of our weekly dialogues.

Kaizen – constant improvement is kind of my mantra… and my family’s as well. Never stop getting better.

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