Side Projects Can Help Everything Else

Just one of many examples that I’ve encountered over the years where side projects not only fill the creative gaps that many professionals need but also can have a direct impact on the very work that they are doing full-time.

Side projects: So many useful things about them.

A Tumblr theme and three hours later, they launched Unsplash — a side project which not only saved their startup, but turned into a standalone product that generates a mind-blowing 11 million unique visitors/month.

This post here gives a pretty good overview of how to get a side project started… and even makes the case that a side project (and getting one up off the ground) “may take less time and effort than writing a blog post” which is nonsense, but I understand the angle.

Outside of that nit-picky point, the post is a good starting point. My side projects have shifted many, many times over the years. And they are probably going to keep doing that for the rest of my life.

The genesis and motive to start all of my side projects was never that they would necessarily become my full time thing – a few of them did but that’s few and far between and there has always been a bit of a tension with the swap and changeover.

When a side project ceases to be fun then it’s time for a new one (or a break). You decide, and that’s the beautiful thing about them: You’re in total control.