Side Project Momentum

Jeremey Duvall shares a few thoughts on side projects and how to continue to build momentum on them (and references me a few times). This couldn’t be more true:

Side projects are a great way to test the waters with a new idea while also maintaining some peace of mind by not abandoning your full-time gig. They’re also a perfect way to hone new skills and offer a creative outlet where you can more risks without fearing dire consequences.

I’m a huge fan of side projects and have had a ton of them in my career. What’s neat is that some of them have truly blossomed into full-time opportunities and even legitimate companies.

Especially during this holiday season many of us will have an abundance of “down time” to invest in some of these things. Obviously, spend a really good deal of that time with family and friends, but see if you can block out some time for a new idea that you’ve been wanting to tackle for a while.

Now’s the time, jump on it.