Silicon Valley’s Secret

Spoiler alert… it’s mental health, something that I document on this blog a bit.

Specifically, depression is still, unfortunately, taboo but I think things are changing. Folks like Brad Feld and Jerry Colonna and others like Rand Fishkin are going on record with being not only diagnosed with it but who are actively sharing their stories.

2 shares recently that captured my attention is Brad and Jerry going on NPR for a short but sweet interview which you can find here and also Rand who did a small segment on CNN, which you can find below:

I couldn’t find a useful embed at the time so I re-uploaded it to YouTube. The larger article is here and is also worth a read.

Very thankful for folks like this who are removing the stigma, brick by brick, and making it a much more natural and easy conversation to have. These are real challenges that people just like you and me face, every single day. It should be as easy as asking someone if they like cream and sugar with their morning black.