When I first started vlogging my intent was to share how I was going about building a company here in Silicon Valley. That is why, of course, I called it the “SF VLOG” and I felt like folks would really be interested in that sort of thing.

Those plans, though, were cut short because 8 days later I quit because of two significant reasons:

The first was that the time required to capture, edit, and publish a vlog was too much of a time suck for me at that point in my life and schedule. I simply couldn’t manage it well and I didn’t have a workflow that was optimal (I share 9 other similarly-tactical reasons here via a lessons-learned vlog).

But the second reason that I didn’t talk much about explicitly was that my time at the startup that I was working with had ended (almost as quickly as it had begun). I no longer had a startup that I wanted to talk about and closing the vlog down made a lot of sense (I share a tad bit more in my 2016 Year in Review).

And, emotionally, I was just wiped. I needed a major reset and the vlog, which was community-driven at the time felt like a lonely exercise to do by myself. I needed to recalibrate, rethink, and get some healing if I’m to be honest.

When I came back to it the drive and motive was the same: I wanted to share what I was building here in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley area. But, this time, I did it primarily for myself because I wanted to complete a project that I had started instead of being a quitter.

Ironically, I’ve picked up a few new community members who have reminded me why they have subscribed and why they tune in daily. For instance, I got this from BoatFam (who’s also vlogging, btw!):

via a YouTube comment

But for real, I subscribe and watch your vlog because I’m building / running a SaaS and it’s helpful to me to listen to and connect with other similarly-minded entrepreneurs.

Obviously, that has been super-encouraging and it’s reminded me how special this opportunity is, to share something that I’m working on in what I believe to be a place, geographically, unlike any other.

I’m glad that the motives have come full-circle and that I can do this for both myself and for others as well. It’s enough motivation, I believe, to keep this thing going.

Thanks for that.

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