Simon in the SC

Just got done eating some peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and a mr. pibb.  so good.  sometimes, thats all i need.  Man, I feel really good right now, cause, ive been fairly successful today.  I went to japanese class adn took my test, it was kinda hard in a little area, but, I asked Lord for strength and He gave me some.  That was nice.  Had lunch with Simon in the SC, played some pool with him and did alright.  I went to the rest of my classes and, yeah, that was boring, but, had my meeting with morneweck and she liked what i had done for the OIT page idea…  Awesome, I was so afraid that she wouldn’t, but, it was awesome that she liked it.  Tight.  Came back, and took a nap. 

Naps are a gift from the Lord.

They are so awesome, when you have a good one, i just got up after it and man, i feel refreshed.  Kinda cool.  Now, I’m just finishing up transfering some stuff from mike to reformat his comp, talking with esther a little, and uh, gonna get some more web devel done tonight.  dope man.

God, You are awesome.  Cause, You alone give me strength and carry me thru.  Everything that went well was because of You.