Simpl3 Theme Release


Simpl3 Theme by Human3rror

Read more about the background of this release here and to see some screenshots of the theme!

This theme was originally created by Armen of Freebie Themes. Released here with permission.

Some Highlights:

  • Rotating Header Images [622×190 pixels, unlimited number!]
  • Big plush Social Icons by Aquaticus – All of them are pre-loaded into the theme.
  • 4 Squares of Advertising space.
  • Widgetized Sidebar Goodness.
  • Simple Typography and Image placement
  • Spirit-filled Community Love.

Download Simpl3 v1.1 Here!

This blog is no longer hosting the download link. Please visit TentBlogger WordPress Themes for the download!

I fixed a very simple error with the “Previous Posts” and “Next Posts” color (it was white and you couldn’t see it).

I you don’t want to overwrite your customized version, just go into your style.css file and change the following:

#main .lead a {
color: #fff;
border: none;
text-decoration: underline;

and change it to:

#main .lead a {
color: #000;
border: none;
text-decoration: underline;

There you go!