Simple Advice

Sometimes the best advice is also the most simple. Well, if I’m to be honest, any complex piece of advice is probably bad and too complicated for its own good.

I think of the many times that I’ve met with my own coaches and mentors and although the situations and circumstances may have been fairly labyrinthine it all could be boiled down into making a series of simple decisions that ultimately was able to draw out deep and wide outcomes.

This is the same type of advice that I try to give others through counsel or coaching or mentorship. I want to listen to all of the inputs but if we can get to a point where we’re making bitesize decisions based on principles then I think there’s a higher chance of success.

Dispensing stuff via LinkedIn…

For this exchange a friend of mine was asking me about putting together a new venture and how best to start. My advice was simple: Find great partners because without them the chances of success dramatically decrease.

I then shared a few relationship-building strategies that I use that seem almost too elementary to be effective yet they work time and time and time again.

My friend here followed the advice (👍🏼) and was able to get some results. Just as important is the fact that this encounter serves as a powerful reminder for me – keep things simple and if it’s not then it’s my job and opportunity to make it so.