A Simple (Camera) Concept

@timwco and I were able to meet last week and talk through what we’d like for the first iteration of our concept — hopefully something simple enough to execute against and yet useful enough to… … … actually use.

🤔 🤦🏻‍♂️

Here are a few of my notes:

  1. It should default to a picture-in-picture (“PiP”) mode, top-right and with wide-angle for both cameras (front & back).
  2. It should include the native optical image stabilization.
  3. It should save directly to the native iOS camera roll.
  4. There should be a “record” button.

A bonus / extra feature on this simple concept might be to reverse or “flip” the camera from front-facing to back-facing (change the PiP). But, that’s not entirely necessary.

Like this:

This could probably be a bit more simple, but, this should be a nice start.

[Originally published on Indie Hackers.]