Simple Pastor WordPress Theme


This elegant theme is great for those that want to present their content in a simple and minamalistic fashion.

With built-in Twitter and Subscription options in a widgetized sidebar, it’s all you need to get started. Comes in 3 different color options!

Check it out!

Other Colors:



Simple Options Page:


How To Insert Dynamic Thumbnails:

Simply use a Custom Field called “post-image” and the value as the image that you uploaded!


Only $19.00! Buy It Now!

I use E-Junkie, a secure payment system to manage the buying and downloading process of the theme. You can easily pay through Paypal through it (or any major Credit Card).

Thanks again! If you’ve got a discount code, throw that in (Tweet This for a code!). Otherwise, just hit the “Buy Now” button!

This theme is now free. Download here.

This blog is no longer hosting the download link. Please visit TentBlogger WordPress Themes for the download!

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