Publishing Workflow: Simple, Quick, Efficient

One of the most important and powerful things about Desk PM is the fact that I’ve simplified the publishing experience to the bare necessities.

You see, that was one of the biggest problems with blogging platforms and the many (bloated) Content Management Systems out there: Once you’ve configured it for your needs, you almost never touch those settings again.

And they’ve already gotten even more complex of the years, right? I mean, just look at the beloved WordPress and the many options that you have while you publish:


It’s not that these options are not valuable, because they are, but once you’ve got your blog setup and you’re ready to start firing posts, there isn’t any need to see them again. In fact, this is just pure distraction if anything else.

Many other newer blogging platforms have sought to reduce the # of options and friction for writing, and some have done an exceptional job so far but even these well-intentioned systems can become bloated and overdone quickly.

So I sought to build a solution that always stayed true to the heart of publishing and removed the noise and excess that is entirely unnecessary for you to get your work written and then published. When you think about it, the workflow is very simple:

Content >> Publish

That’s it! Why shouldn’t it always be this way? Consequently, I’ve built a system that does just that but allows a bit of flexibility at the meta level:

desk-pmYou first write your content above (with a Title, of course!) and then you hit the small and unobtrusive Publish button on the bottom right-hand corner.

Next you’ll see a sliding drawer come out from the right that’ll let you choose which publishing platform you’d like to send your awesome work to:


And then, once you’ve selected the blog, you can publish immediately:


That’s it! You’re done! I’ve kept it so simple and so streamlined that you can focus 99% of your attention on the stuff that really matters: Your content.


Simple? Check. Quick? Check. Efficient? Check. Love it!

But for those needing a bit more customization for each post I’ve allowed for “More Options” before you publish:


Each blog platform will have a unique set of options that are relevant to that particular publishing system. Above you see WordPress’ publishing options with your typical offerings of categories, tags, a custom slug or URL, and a featured image if you use that in your design and theme.

You can, of course, send the post to “Draft” instead of publicly publishing it if you’d like:


Otherwise, the workflow hasn’t changed:

Content >> Publish

And that’s the way it should be and why it should never change. If any system makes publishing more difficult, then you must abandon it at all costs. Great publishing systems reduce the barrier of entry; they never make it more difficult.