Google Webmaster Tools: Links, Keywords, and Subscriber Stats

Let's do this!

Yesterday we looked at one of the more important areas of the Your site on the web, search queries, and today I just wanted to complete that section of Google Webmaster Tools and quickly walk through the rest of the settings under this section and put it to rest.

There’s some good stuff to know here but many of you can probably pass on through – at least in terms of a daily activity. It’ll be good to review these things occasionally to see if anything significant changes.

Ready? Here we go…

Links to Your Site

This is exactly what you think it is – it shows you the total number of links and the sites that are linking to you the most. For many people this is just an ego boost but there are some nice things you can do in return for those tasty links: Give them a shoutout or visit their site and thank them for the great links!

Now that would be pretty nice, right?

There is one area that is very important here though and that’s at the very bottom – anchor Text under how your data is linked:

Good to know... and leverage.

This is not only important for you to know what people are using for their Anchor Text (learn more about architecting links here) but also what you aren’t being linked as.

One of the best ways to do this is to download the table and look at the top 20 or 30 – do you see anything amiss? Anything that surprises you? Anything that is actually missing?

What you’ll want to do is make sure people are linking you correctly, with the right anchor text giving the right branding and message. If not then you have some work to do!


Keywords are important (but you already knew that)! Google shows you some of the top results that are producing links to your content:

Oh joy!

This stuff is simply good to know about. You can leverage it similarly to the data linked suggestions above.

Internal Links


Low links...

Internal linking is important and we’ve covered this before here.

The thing that I do with this information is take a look at the links that are least linked to – for example, downloading the full table produces a few of these results on the right.

The Writing Process post is amazing as well as the Multiple Blogs post – what gives?

Apparently I’m not linking to it internally and neither is anyone else really. I have a few options:

  • Begin to link to them more.
  • Call them out in tweets and facebook.
  • Go back and revise them and make them better. Perhaps even update them if necessary.
  • Leave them be.

If they are really good posts and really need more love and attention then make sure they get it! Thankfully Google Webmaster Tools lets me know what’s not getting the right amount of TLC!

Subscriber Stats

Yawn. Nothing to see here.

Finally, the last section shows you the amount of subscribers that you have per feed that your blog creates. Simple enough.

Some people think that adding these as Sitemaps is a good thing – I personally leave it alone and submit my own sitemaps which is more comprehensive and explicit.

Do as you will!

That’s about it for this section! We’re humming along quite nicely now! See you tomorrow!

[This is part of the Bloggers Guide to Google Webmaster Tools.]