Sitting is Dangerous

5 years ago (around June of 2011) I started using a Standing Desk as my primary setup for doing work. I honestly can’t believe it’s been 5 years (it seems like much, much longer).

It was an experiment at the time and a very positive and successful one. I have fully moved to a standing desk full-time and in the beginning I felt not only more productive but also more awake and generally alive, if I can say that; more “spirit” perhaps…

And for the last 2 years I’ve been using this super-simple setup (a larger interview via DeskHunt about my workstation is here). It’s not much but it gets the job done and the minimal approach helps me to focus-fire.


And, things haven’t changed much physically but what has changed is my belief that standing desks are a much more preferable way of doing work and I lightly evangelize them to anyone who will listen.

The increase of productivity and the fact that I feel better about my time at and during work is significant.

But perhaps what is most important is the experiment itself and the fact that all of us need to consistently experiment with our productivity models so that we can continue to optimize them.

Perhaps it is just what you need to get through that next hurdle or push past a major mental ceiling and roadblock. Perhaps changing your physical environment will allow significant changes in your mental environment.

If you’re hoping for big things, big changes this year, perhaps you need to start with the area right in front of you. Who knows what will happen?

Great entrepreneurs continue to experiment with everything and it becomes more of a lifestyle than an explicit and intentional thought-process. It’s just what they do.

So change something, anything. Get going. Sitting is dangerous if it’s stopping you from building the velocity and momentum to get serious work done, if it’s stopping you from becoming a better version of who you are today.