Soft Spot for Skeuomorphic


There are 10,000 icons and logos and brands that I love and that have inspired me historically but unfortunately there are fewer of them today that continue to inspire.

This is mostly due to the fact that most designers and app creators are moving to a more flat design style in their icons. This is fine and dandy as there’s a lot of pressure to match the style created by Apple, especially for mobile and iOS.

But I still have a soft spot for skeuomorphic design and it still has it’s place – it just has to be done really well. I always go back to Panic‘s icons for some of their apps. What’s funny is that their overall brand (e.g. Panic Software) is very much a flat design while their apps have a little more life to them.

I don’t feel the pressure to conform to a flat design-centric icon for Desk because I’m building a desktop app and not a mobile app but more importantly I believe that a non-flat design may represent the app better if I can pull it off.

I hope I can as I really want this thing to kick serious ass.