Slight Design Tweaks

I’m still slowly working through design iterations until I get something solid that I like and that I feel good about developing on.

There’s a part of me that wants to boot up XCODE and just start hacking away but I’ve learned, over time, to get this part right so that I can feel good about the development work that I ultimately do.

Besides, you have to imagine the reality of staring at this for hours on end as you work on it… if you don’t like it then you’re going to want to pull out your own hair eventually.

I’ve landed on a subtle hue of blue that that feels good and cool and approachable. And, I’ve changed the icon to simply be a big, fat “PLUS” sign so that it’s obvious to the user.

You will also see my working “tagline” of “Drag, Drop, Done.” also there as well. I think this is an opportunity to continue to speak to the user the values that I have for this app and remind them, subtly, of that value.

You can see it here:


And the larger view here: