Small Deposits


My father-in-law is a serial entrepreneur and has an unbelievable amount of experience building businesses. The major difference is that he’s a brick-and-mortar type of guy while I’m (mostly) digital.

Last night was the Grand Opening celebration of his newest venture, a golf range and shop in Augusta, GA. I drove 2+hours each way to support him as well as drop off something that my wife had put together with the help of our girls.

As I drove I began to think about how limited I was in terms of how I could really help him launch this new business and how different our backgrounds really were. There really wasn’t much I could do outside of showing up and giving him my moral support.


I began to even question why I was going to spend 5 hours on the road to say “Hi” for an hour and then just head straight back. What could I possibly have to offer, to give?

And didn’t I have a number of important things that needed to get done at home? Wasn’t my calendar already pretty packed? Why wasn’t I resting on a Sunday so I could prepare for a very busy upcoming week?

All these thoughts coursed through my brain as I began to feel slightly bitter about my decision. Then, it all dropped as I realized how selfish I was being. Didn’t I know the difficulty and challenge of launching a new venture? Wasn’t I acutely aware and appreciative of even the smallest help from people when I sought to create something out of nothing?

This “small deposit” from my perspective could be anything but “small” from his vantage. It could be the difference.

We make ton of small deposits every single day, most of which we most likely believe have little to no short or long-term impact. I wonder if we’ve gotten a lot of those investments in others confused with our own giant-sized need for an ego boost.