Small Improvements, Simple Systems

A few small updates from around our yeniverse

… the first is that I’m making small improvements to the YEN.FM newsletter every week — simple things, like adding reading time to each issue:

Simple, right?

And, the simple systems that we’ve created to share our work is, most definitely, working:

You can see the literal workflow in the Slack thread, but, it’s effectively this:

  1. Launch a values-driven, value-laden email newsletter — ✅
  2. Create a schedule that works — ✅
  3. Publish meaningful and useful content that features our community members and their amazing work. — ✅
  4. Share it intentionally via select channels (as per my current responsibilities) — ✅
  5. Rinse… repeat…

Sterling, per his own words, effectively followed this workflow:

He found Noelle’s amazing content that we highlighted via our newsletter which linked up into a few of the select channels and… ✨ MAGIC ✨ happens!

Building community isn’t the work of superheroes… it’s the work of everyday #yenizens like you and me who are obsessed with building community and making small, iterative improvements to our strategies, tactics, systems, and workflows to maximize our attempts to create something sustainable.

That’s all.

[Originally published on Indie Hackers.]