Small Things Matter

It’s hard to read this and not have your heart completely, utterly, bleed:

While I sat writing this post, my living son, Oliver, came in to ask for screen time. Instead of saying the usual ‘no’, I stopped writing and asked if I could play with him. He was happily surprised by my answer and we connected in a way I would have formerly missed out on. Small things matter. One silver lining from this tragedy is the improving relationship I have with him. 

There is nothing more important than our kids — we say this all the time and it rolls off of our tongues easier than “Hello” and “Goodbye”.

But, our schedules betray us. Our calendars reveals where our commitments and priorities really sit.

Out of these ashes have come many new and restored connections. Thank you for being one of mine. And I hope from this tragedy you consider how you prioritize your own time.


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