Smartphone Syndrome

This gave me a very healthy laugh this morning:

via Dilbert

And, even as I read this comic I looked up and… lo and behold…:

So much mobile…

This is the world that this next generation is growing into… and they don’t know what it’s like (they will NEVER know what it’s like) to live in a world where the world isn’t accessible at a moment’s notice or just a single button-push (or Face ID… or voice-activated…) away.

We often times discuss the individual impact that technology has one people but I don’t hear nearly as often what will happen (is happening) to an entire generation and how the impact is not well-understood nor appreciated for its magnitude.

I mean, we’re talking about an entire seismic shift in the way an entire generation interfaces with the world! How does that not irrevocably change our world (for the good and the bad)?

The comic above is funny but the scope is clearly not enough. I can only imagine where this will all take us one day… maybe I’ll be dead by then. Maybe that’s a good thing because the ideas and thoughts around these types of things can make me ill.

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