A Sneak Peek at the v1.5 Filters


There’s a small sneak peek at what’s coming very shortly in version 1.5 – a ton of baseline filters for you to choose from and all of them are entirely¬†free.

I’ve mentioned this before, but the goal right now is to offer the end-user a host of choices when it comes to base filters and then reduce that number when the more advanced editing features arrive in the much bigger version 2.0 (which I’ve already concepted out about 90% of the way).

The color tiles should help you visually scan for the one that suits you best so that if you’re developing a specific look consistent look around your images you can get to it fairly quickly.

Get your filter on...

Get your filter on…

The colors of each tile and set aren’t hard set quite yet and I’m tweaking them this week. My hope is to get them to you sooner rather than later in v1.5 with a host of other improvements as well.

I feel like we’re really getting close to “landing the plane” so to speak when it comes to the version 1.0 iterations. This is especially important as I start locking in the time commitments and resources necessary to embark on the very large 2.0 – in fact, it seems as if it may take even more time to build version 2.0 than the entirety of v1.0. I’ve learned a lot about our community, the systems that I’ve built, and even iOS at large and I’m looking forward to tactically improving everything in the entire app as well as experiment with a few things that I’ve never done (like in-app purchases).

Essentially, it’s going to be a huge endeavor and it’s going to require an incredible amount of time to pull off – I hope I can not only have the time but also the financial backing¬†to make it happen. It’s going to be a haul but I’m incredibly optimistic.