When Fantasy Fails: Snow White Cleverly and Creatively Disappoints

My wife and I were able to escape for the evening on a date that I had managed to somehow schedule in (the fact that I scheduled and planned it is a huge win!).

To be honest, Sue made it quite plain and very clear that this was a movie that I should make every attempt to take her out to see and I hadn’t seen her quite as interested or excited about a feature film since, well, Harry Potter I believe.

Snow White and the Huntsman appeared to be a clever and unique spin from the original tale and we both hoped that the screenwriter(s) would completely knock it out of the park. We believed the hype and the advertisements that kept spinning online and offline really got us going!

I mean, if you haven’t seen the trailer then here it is…!

[tentblogger-youtube V4SQ9xBXMX0]

Chills, right? I personally have seen every version of the advertisement and every time I saw it I wanted to see the movie more! So we made a plan, purchased the tickets in advance, found a babysitter, and made a go for it.

The net result was that both of us were a bit disappointed. It was still entertaining but thank goodness Charlize Theron can act because she was amazing and made the entire movie worth sitting through.

Wow, she was an incredible villain and she spooked me more than a few times – she was convincingly evil to the core and I loved it!

Mrs. Cullens’ (Kristen Stewart) is a great actress when she doesn’t open her mouth (very emotionally expressive but her lines were way too shallow and even hard to understand) and Chris Hemsworth (the Huntsman) did a fair job of being likable. I think everyone by the end of the movie was rooting for him to do some damage (and he did).

Well, this fantasy feature film failed and we left feeling like there was much to be desired. Whether we had expected too much is unclear honestly but it could have been done better in more ways than one.

But here’s the thing that I remembered as we walked back to our car and headed back to our (hopefully) sleeping girls – our intent was to be entertained, not enlightened in a brilliant mental cage match; to appreciate clever and creative screenwriting, not to apply liberal doses of critique on another’s work.

Sure, we have our opinions, but I really love how both my wife and I can sit, talk responsibly about an experience, without tearing the entire thing down like it was just another house of cards. Both of us are creatives ourselves (or Creative+!) and we appreciate when others see our work and can see the creativity without critique.

Sure, fantasy fails (and fails often) as it’s always better in our mind’s eye but I like that I’m resolved to simply seeing it for what it’s worth and then moving on. I think this attitude should apply in life more than just in digital film presentations!

In the end it was still a pleasant evening with my best friend, and that was totally worth it.