So Be It

I woke up this morning with quite a bunch of “inbound” — messages, emails, texts, and maybe a few “missed calls” (or two). I correctly guessed that it was related to my post last night on coronavirus.

The feeling that I can’t quite describe is a real sense of weight that’s been simultaneously lifted but also increased.

On one hand, I was able to publish a public statement about how I feel about something that’s impacting our entire world (I’ve been sitting on that post for weeks!) and yet, at the exact same time, I feel a burden to continue to talk about it more, especially now that I’ve come forward publicly and effectively “outed” myself as one of those “doomsday preppers”! So be it.

One final platform to upload to and then I’ll have, at least for now, said my piece and I’ll get back to the regularly-scheduled program:

Again, love you all too much to not say anything.