It’s been 45 days since I last had a drink and the clarity that I have, the joy that I have in my heart, and the excitement that I feel as a result of my (ongoing) decision to remove alcohol from my life is, well… intoxicating.

I’ve struggled with the idea of sharing this publicly and it took some time to get used to the idea (I even teased it a bit here) but today I finally decided to do it:

Even though it pains me to say the following I know that it’s important that I do: I hope you watch it. I hope you share it. I hope you send it to others that might be struggling with substance abuse and addiction. We need to give hope and strength to more people who need it.

As you might imagine… I’ll continue to share more about this as things move forward, one day at a time. I have a lot to say but… well… I’m just too tired to say it right now.

Have a great night. The future is so bright… for all of us. Sometimes we’ve just handicapped our ability to see it clearly.