Soccer Coach

I have spent the last few years coaching many, many people. It is something that I enjoy doing and I have found it to be incredibly rewarding for both parties involved.

I do this on a very limited basis professionally and those monthly time slots fill up fast (if you’re interested in this type of thing you can email me to discuss). I have coached Fortune 500 leaders, entrepreneurs, startup companies, and more on things like product development, financing, organizational acceleration, and human capital.

It’s a good gig and it’s something that I want to continue to pursue on the side but not something that I think I’ll ever do full-time.

I’m adding one more coaching role to the list and this one is the scariest of all:


Not like this guy… but.. kinda…?! No…

I have signed up to coach my oldest daughter’s Recreational Soccer Team! Our first practice was Monday and I had an absolute blast.

We areĀ The Wolf Pack and our cheer is as follows:

We are The Wolf Pack, hear us howl!

And then we proceed to yelp, hoop, and holler at the top of our lungs (they still need a little practice and I still need to reduce my shame of yelling loudly in a very public environment).

I made this decision after much deliberation and decided that this would be not only an incredible opportunity to invest in some awesome kids (and my own daughter) but be a great learning experience as well.

I mean, besides, if I can’t lead a bunch of kids to kick a ball around on a field for 60 minutes then what right do I have leading a fast-growing startup with adults? Huh…

I am anxious, though, but more on the parental front than anything else. I know the game (and I love the game) and I know what needs to be done to engage, excite, and help people fall more in love with it.

What I do not have experience in (nor am I particularly excited about) is handling parents and their expectations of me. At any turn I could be letting them down and I don’t want to do that! Sure, I’m just a volunteer and it’s not one of the competitive leagues (Academy or Select) – it’s just “Rec” but I still want to do my best.

Then, of course, there’s simply the challenge of coaching my own child and balancing the tension of being “dad” and “coach”. I suppose that’s all I’ll say about that.

Despite these things I am, at the bottom-level, super-pumped about doing this and I’m glad I’ve blocked out time on Mondays and Saturdays for these kids. My father believed that I’d be a good coach one day and I’ll admit that I want to fully realizeĀ that prognostication. I hope to make him proud.

Finally, this commitment will also help ensure that I don’t wildly over-commit to tons of other things in the near future. I mean, sheesh, I don’t have a history of that, do I…?