Because Social Cohesion

There’s something about moving our bodies to a rhythm and music… what is that exactly?

I really like dancing and, as far as I can tell, I’ve always liked it. When I hear a good beat I can’t help but want to bob my head.

And, as I’ve shared many times before, I can’t get much work done without a little music and groove. But why?

Every culture dances. Moving our bodies to music is ubiquitous throughout human history and across the globe.

So why is this ostensibly frivolous act so fundamental to being human?

The answer, it seems, is in our need for social cohesion – that vital glue that keeps societies from breaking apart despite interpersonal differences.

Dance (and music) does bring folks together, that’s for sure. Even as I watch my 18-month old try his own version of dancing, I can’t help but want to join in when he does!

Because social cohesion.

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