On Social Media and Emotional Connection

via Wiselike:

Do you believe there is a deeper relation between posting on social media for your customers rather than just trying to sell your products or services?

Loved reading your blog post on the brand and emotional connect. Do you believe that social media and what we communicate there has an important role to play in creating an emotional bond with your readers/customers?

Here’s my answer:

My gut tells me there should be but often we probably try to “market” stuff more than actually do anything else. Just being honest here…

The truth is that I’ve always tried to simply create value for people, period. In that way, I’ve grown readership, followers, etc. But even that can get exhausting at times.

So, overtime, I realized that I write (specifically for my blog) for myself. I don’t write really for anyone else except myself at this point.

Do people receive value when they read some of the stuff that I write? I’d like to think so, but, if it doesn’t happen I’m okay with that too.

So what does this have to do with emotional connection? I think that when you create value for people you create an emotional tie, whether both parties know it or not. Is this something useful for the short and/or long-term? Perhaps. But, who’s to say.

Is social media an effective way of building that bridge? Apparently, but not everyone is as effective as others in making that connection happen… and although there are so many “studies” about this sort of thing I think that humans are far too complex to boil down into buckets of thought in a gross experiment.

Sometimes we connect with others just because we want to connect, regardless of content, value created, or reason.