Social Widget Plugin for WordPress (Twitter, Facebook, RSS)

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[Note: If you’ve downloaded the first one, please make sure you update to this completely new plugin!]

About three months ago I released the first iteration of my take on what a “social widget” WordPress Plugin should be and since then it’s been used so heavily that I’ve decided to up the ante, so to speak, and re-write it literally from scratch, with the help of my good friend and amazing developer, @MoreTom.

From the outside it looks like almost nothing has changed but internally (the code) has been almost completely re-written and is completely optimized. The difference is so large that I decided to not even call it a “version 2” and just re-release it and also get it hooked up into the WordPress Plugin Repository!

So, without further ado, the new and improved (but completely different) TentBlogger Social Widget! Here’s the official description:

A lightweight, fast loading and clean looking social widget to capitalize on the “Big 3” on your blog: Twitter, Facebook, and RSS. Share your tweets from Twitter, your Facebook Profile or Page, and a RSS Feed of your choice.

Think of it as a Twitter Widget, Facebook Widget, and a RSS Widget all in one with a slick and simple unified appearance.

For those that are a little bit more “geeky” here are some of the improvements and changes that have been made:

The Sweet 411:

  • Built and tested against WordPress 3.0 and up. Ideal environment is WP3 and PHP5. Highly recommend you move to PHP5 since WordPress itself is recommending that you upgrade!
  • Built using jQuery 1.4.4. The relevant code uses its own namespace so it shouldn’t interfere with any other plugins or widgets that use jQuery.
  • Localization files provided. Just need to use POEdit to provide the local translations.
  • Tested in IE8, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
  • If a user is comfortable editing CSS, the widget’s styles are located in the plugin’s /css directory but it’s built to theme nicely with whatever theme is being used.

Go and Download it Here from the WordPress Plugin Repository!

Of course (for those interested) here are the differences from “version 1.0” (which was more of a BETA):

  • Completely re-written (100%) from the ground up.
  • Lighter-weight – uses CSS for effects when possible so not to require as much JavaScript.
  • Implementation is cleaner and should gracefully handle some of the errors experienced in the first version.
  • Uses updated WordPress API functions (no more deprecated function calls).

So, if you’ve download the previous version then you need to update and get this new one immediately!

Thanks so much for all of your suggestions and the amazing response to this plugin! Let us know your thoughts and whether you’re using it in the comments!