Far Too Complex to be a Socialist

The world is a really complex place, isn’t it? And… that’s essentially why I’m not a socialist… in case you were wondering.

I am not a socialist because socialism doesn’t necessarily encourage learning — which, by the way, is how you evolve and survive in a complex world.

[Many people believe that Bernie Sander’s democratic socialism is socialism, but, it’s not. I’m talking about socialism socialism… like, the socialism. 🙃]

Capitalism, on the other hand, has learning and education at the very heart of how it works: If you want to survive in a competitive landscape then you must also be willing to learn all the fucking time, every single day!

You have to learn what the market needs, what your customers want, how to price your products and how to crush your competitors while building a growing team that has its own set of rigorous (and reasonable) demands.

And, for some of us who have family, we have to do all of that while managing a home and a spouse and possibly kids and pet(s)… maybe?

The world is just too complex for a socialist, planned economy to exist. As Michael Walzer says in his “Story for Socialists“: “What touches all should be decided by all.

Consequently, common ownership messes with competitive market signals and thus removes the profit motive that drives people to compete, win, learn, and improve.

And if I didn’t have the need, pressure, and healthy desire to learn and improve… I can’t imagine that I’d be very interested in my work.

So, that’s that.