On Software Birthdays

I’ve been cleaning out my “digital” closet of sorts over the past few weeks as I have geared up and gone “all in” on my current work with TOMO which has been great.

You know, focusing exclusively on one project is rare for me but when it happens the lightbulbs really begin to go off; this strategy allows me to mentally break through significant barriers that I encounter and allows me to dig in deep to attack the really hard problems.

You see, there are just some things that can’t be solved or navigated without a serious amount of mental energy over a focused set of time. It reminds me how little “deep level” thinking we do on any given day.

As I’ve been cleaning things up it’s forced me to store and archive older projects and, with a small dive, you can take a stroll down memory lane for a brief moment or two.

I was cleaning up some old files related to Desk and took a look at some of the time stamps that I had created when I first started putting things together. Crazy to think, but the first line of code that I had written for that project was on the 15th of November, 2013.

Just that year, “2013,” feels like an absolute lifetime ago, doesn’t it? I had celebrated the first birthday but apparently I didn’t celebrate the second birthday on November 15, 2015 – I must have forgot.

Time is moving fast, we are all getting older, all the time. The total amount of choices that we have left in the hopper, that we get to make, is getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller by the day. Do you realize that?

Consequently, it means that the decisions that we make are becoming bigger, more significant, and have a bit more “weight” to them than they may have before. Or, at least, it feels that way to me.

I suppose it’s just made me think about my own mortality (again) and how little of life we have to live and how quickly it’s being used up on things, stuff, frivolous exercises, and meaningless activity. How much time do we spend, every single day, on things that really do not matter…

Software gets old, people lose interest, projects are started and then destroyed or forgotten or both. The same doesn’t have to apply to our lives, though.

We can do significant work or we can do insignificant work. The choice is up to us; we have to decide what we will do with the very limited time that we still have.

Let’s maximize, let’s capitalize, let’s realize our full potential. If we do not then no one will and no one will do it for us. There is no one more interested in our success than we are and if forget that we may forget ourselves – we may forget why we were born in the first place.

Birthdays… we’ve only got a few of them left.