How to Solo Onyxia as a Rogue – MOP 5.1

I also managed to solo Onyxia after my Razorgore attempt. Heck, I got my Bloodfang Mask which is the same model as the Bloodfang Hood to complete my 8/8 Bloodfang Armor Set – just need the chestpiece and the best Rogue set in the game will be complete.

The strategy was very straight-forward:

  • DPS all the way.
  • Keep Recuperate up.
  • Keep Slice and Dice up.
  • Make sure to get Shuriken Toss for Phase two when she’s out of melee range.
  • Hit a pot if you need it. I didn’t have to since I had Preparation (didn’t use it for phase 1) and could have used Evasion. Oh well.

Hope that helps! What a great boss. I remember when it took 40 men to down this dragon!