South Africa Burns

The stories that are coming out of South Africa are difficult to stomach; the tone here is apocalyptic but it’s hard to not come to a similar conclusion without prompting.

I have great hope for places like Johannesburg, the “City of Gold” / “Joburg” by those that love her, and Durban, the largest port city in South Africa and the 3rd largest by size / population.

They have great nicknames, for starters: “Durbs” and “Jozi” are important cities that power the nation and their economy and I often think of how large communities, especially in the middle of significant upheaval and societal strife have an opportunity to revisit and rethink their fiscal policies.

Bitcoin solves a lot of these issues but to say it like that sounds so flippant, even if it is true. It seems overly-simplistic to say that a monetary system could have so much power but we all know that that’s fundamentally true.

So much of what we do is controlled and instrumented by the underlying asset. This principle holds true for not just money but nearly everything in life; there are always two layers: The one you see and the one that powers the one that you see.

The two are important centers of trade and culture.

I’ve been watching Africa for a while and its economy and people are going to be a huge part of the technological future; we don’t hear often about what’s going on but there’s quite a bit. Consequently, I’ve made a few small but important bitcoin-centric investments into these two cities and at the right time I’m sure I’ll share more.

But, until then my heart bleeds for the people who are scared, hungry, and desperate — what does one do when they have nothing left to fear, save death? Difficult yet important things; survival.

Wow. It just won’t end: