Speaking the language

Part of what makes social media campaigns so effective is when they can speak their audiences language the best and in the most fluid and simple fashion.  It seems pretty obvious, but, it doesn’t happen that way nearly enough.  And what really gets me is the amount of time, money, resources, and bullcrap that gets thrown around at the corporate level debating how to use the VOC (Voice of the Customer).

Now, since I live and receive a paycheck from the corporate monster, I have to play nice.  I understand the difficulty of moving a program and initiative through the gates of political turmoil, especially when the ship is loaded with large budgets with even larger egos navigating them.  Eh.  It is what it is.

That’s why when I saw this video it was a pleasant breath of fresh air.

[This video was pulled from YouTube. LAME!]

I’m not sure where this was from or when it was ever first released, but I am familiar with the Lionel brand… which was always closely tied (in my brain and memory) to toy trains.  Ah.  Confirmed.

Speak their language.  It may look stupid or require a little creativity, but, it’ll do the job.