My Most Special User


Sue, Arden… same smile.

My wife is one of my greatest and most important users of this app. For those that know, it can be incredibly difficult to convince your spouse to do anything so the fact that my wife uses Pressgram melts my heart.

But what really gets me is the fact that she uses nearly all of the app and this recent blog post that she published encourages me to continue the tough journey of software engineering.

As you can see, she’s posted multiple images with slight adjustments and with a robust set of text under each image. I love it as even I do not often share multiple images at the same time.

My wife is my most special user of my app and I’m so happy she’s found a way to leverage it for telling the visual stories of our life and family. I am satisfied that I’ve built something worth using and it’s small reminders that I’m on the right track.