How Your Blog’s Load Time, Site Speed Impacts Your SEO

[This is part of the The Blogger’s Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimization Series.]

One of the things that has begun to impact SEO more and more is the speed of your site, or in this case your blog. Don’t take this lightly (or slowly), at all!

Google, announcing last year specifically, now includes this in part of their signals for ranking:

You may have heard that here at Google we’re obsessed with speed, in our products and on the web. As part of that effort, today we’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed. Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests.

And it’s only gotten more important since that original report.

Now, I’ve already spent some time in more than a few posts talking about speed, caching, content delivery networks, and more that all impact your blog’s performance and speed and unless you’ve been completely missing my point it’s still the same: You need as fast as a blog as possible! Here some of them are for a quick review:

You see, ultimately a combination of your hosting provider (make sure it’s awesome and that it doesn’t completely suck), the number of WordPress plugins (here are my thoughts on how many you should have), the right WordPress Theme (I use Standard Theme), and ultimately the right design and usability (in tandem with the theme, of course) will make your blog super fast which will, in turn, increase your search engine ranking.

That’s right, it’s quite simple: The faster your blog is the better your search engine ranking.

Easy, right?

Making it Super Fast:

It’s quite possible to go completely overboard with your tweaking and customization in the search for the perfect there are definitely some things that you can start with.

For sure you should check out the above listed posts on tweaking your caching, CDN, and general performancing, as well as WordPress specific tweaking that I’ve covered in my WordPress Series like permalinks, slugs, image compression, and more.

But a great place to start if you want even more tweaking is checking out some of the sites that test your blog’s performance and making changes based on their recommendations – the first two, YSlow! and PageSpeed are probably your best bets!

Then I’d also check out Google’s Speed Tutorials and walk through those as much as you can. I may spend some more time at some point walking you through my specific steps but those should give you a great head start!

Finally, as I mentioned before, choosing a hosting provider that seriously kicks butt and tweaking it (here are my WordPress blog architecture) for maximum performance will always help as well.

Good luck, and godspeed. Be fast, very fast!

[This is part of the The Blogger’s Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimization Series.]