Spilled Paint

My wife found an old piece of ceramic artwork that I had created circa 1988-89 I believe (around 1st, 2nd grade):

It is still, to this day, the best piece of ceramic work that I’ve ever done.

I remember intentionally adding the spilled paint can int he bottom left-hand corner and thinking to myself:

I’m so clever because that’s me!

Me, age ~7 years

I was really, really proud of that element because I felt like it truly captured the essence of who I was: I liked moving fast, spilling things along the way. It’s one of the reasons why I used the moniker human3rror for so long as “messing up” was part of my M.O.!

I snapped these two pics and then promptly threw it in the trash—no need to hold onto these types of things; spilled paint.