An Inevitable Split?


via Seth Godin:

As a company gets bigger, there’s an inevitable split between the people who market what gets made and the people who design what gets made.

One of the constant challenges that an indie developer faces is their own ability to scale themselves in a way that is both strategic and tactical.

Since you’re doing everything by yourself it can be quite difficult to know what to concentrate on and when, what elements of what job roles and functions will be the most relevant and useful to grow the “business” as you’d like.

But, there are plenty of natural advantages of staying small, of staying gloriously-independent, and that’s the proximity of the product that you’re building and the marketing that you’re creating for the product.

You end up knowing, with absolute clarity and consistency, what you’re selling. You know it better than anyone else. You are the best champion and resource, the best sales-person, the very best evangelist.

And even if an indie project scales to the point of bringing on more people to it (which is an exciting prospect for some) you’ll still want to maintain the proximity at all costs.

In the end, I don’t think it’s necessarily inevitable that there has to be a split – I think it just requires a lot of intentionality, hard work, and perseverance to keep the two really, really close.

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