Side Project Workshop (Starts in March!)

I shared this on my Patreon:

I tried to find the goofiest stock photo possible… and I think I was successful!

Starting in March, I wanted to spend some time helping folks walk through the process of booting up their own “side hustle” and/or creative side project.

As someone who’s done this many, many times (one of them once made > $32,000+ in a single month!) I know how to move from a simple concept into a functional product that can build significant revenue (but it doesn’t have to!).

What I plan on doing is essentially doing a massive brain-dump of what I know, starting in March. I don’t have a planned outline of content but I’m going to act as if I’m putting together something new and writing out my process as it unfolds.

I imagine that this “on-going workshop” will take at least a month (if not two… or maybe three…?!), especially since some of the exercises take time to work through.

If this is something of interest then I’d encourage to sign-up as a patron (the $5 level will do just fine) and join me as we walk through the process!

And, of course, I’ll be available to chat with you each specifically about your goals and projects as we walk through it together.

Let’s make 2019 amazing and maybe even different (and better!) than last year! Can’t wait to do this together with you!