Squarespace – 10 Years in the Making

Could this be any more encouraging, especially for those that are starting new ventures, new companies, today?! Or, perhaps, it’s more encouraging for those that have been working 80-100 hr weeks for the last few years and still haven’t seen the “success” that they had hoped.

Think Squarespace (and don’t forget it).

Anthony Casalena

Anthony Casalena

To think that Anthony Casalena started back in 2003/04 and that he worked by himself for the first 3 years! Now, he admits that he should have scaled himself a little bit faster (and more smartly) but he proves through his experience that it can happen, in a variety of different forms. And then a full 10 years later he’s killing it.

So what…!” if you don’t have a fully-fleshed out team today. Eventually, at the right time, you’ll find one (or you’ll sink) but that’s ok. The models that you see and read that “work” for startups are no more guaranteed than playing darts in the dark. You may hit the target and even get a bullseye but you may not.

In fact, you may create a new target entirely while you’re standing in the dark! Stranger things have happened in startup land… But the point is to not stop. Keep going. It’s going to take some time, but you knew that already, right?

This is also a great reminder from Jimmy Collins:

You don’t do big things in a short time-span. It’s not possible to do really big lasting things in a short time span.

He goes on to share that the greatest company builders took an average of 36 years. Humbling. Humbling. Give me another serving of that truth please.

Watch the full interview via Feld here:

Collins’ experience and wisdom kicks serious ass.