Stand Firm in One Spirit

Got up, read Matthew 16:21.  Man, that’s some good stuff.  If you save your life on this earth, you will lose it, but if you lose your life for Christ, you will find it.  That’s so good.  I was just thinking about how many times I just do things to save my own skin.  How many times to I stick my neck out…?  I have to unafraid and do everything for You, my Lord.  I dunno why I even stutter sometimez doing Your work…

I went to the library again, for another 4 hours, and all I got accomplished was finishing some retarded look for the CoC.  Man, that really sucked.  I’m sort of mad at the finished product, but, oh well.  I’m not gonna do anything more now.  I’m finished with it.  Gotta do ACF today…  And, goto Campus Crusade and Men’s accountability today.  Whoopie!

Got my two new Dreamweaver books.  Looks exciting…

God’s Prayer Meeting today and I’m so unprepared… :)  Tha’ts the way its gonna be!  Yippee!  My weekly email to everyone was…

Hey, hope everyone is having an awesome week and is moving positively in His footsteps.

Just some quick things…

Prayer meeting tomorrow, as usual, Flag Building, 2nd floor, room 217b i believe.  Last week was so tight because we had 12 people show up!  Man, if we had ONE more person, we would have had 13 and that’s my favorite number… *sigh*  But, man, I was so encouraged by you guys and your presence there.  Without you guys, God’s prayer meeting wouldn’t exist.  Thanks again for coming out and all of you who couldn’t make it last week, well, come tomorrow!
Also, tomorrow is going to be a fairly free-form discussion/share time/reflection, whatever you call it prayer meeting.  I mentioned last week that I wouldn’t have anything prepared for this meeting, and, I’ve kept my part of the deal so far… haha…  anyways, I mentioned that each person that comes will be encouraged to share some things that God has spoken to them in the past week, either thru prayer, or Quiet Times, or however the Lord has opened your heart.  Be prepared tomorrow to be open and tell eachother about how the Lord is working in your life.  It could be a struggle, a triumph, enlightenment, or even just frustration or a question that you wanna discuss.  Pretty much anything.  I wanna hear what you guys are up to, I want everyone in the meetings to know how the Lord is moving you, and thru that, we can come closer as a body of Christ.  You can prepare something to say or you could be spontaneous…  It would be neat to see some of both.  But, it is up to you.  I look forward to hearing from all of you tomorrow, and having another awesome prayer meeting.

See you guys tomorrow! In Him,John
Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.  ~~~Isaiah 55:6
anyone know who gte926v is?…

I think that explains it…

Here’s the letter that Thomas wrote me a couple days back about Campus Crusade…

Wassup John.  How’s it going bro?
I just wanted to say hi and talk about this upcoming summer.
I talked with you a little about going on a missions trip with campus crusade,
but I wasn’t sure if it was something you were really interested in.  Is it
something you’re still considering?
God has convicted me to go with Campus Crusade this summer and it’s something
I’m looking forward to.  I have a few places in mind, and i’m praying that God
will give me discernment in making a decision for where He wants me to go, but
if you’re strongly considering going, I would definitely want to go together.
If you do want to go, but alone, I completely understand.
The deadline for the first part of the application is the 24th of february.  i
lemme know how you feel about this.  thanks.
God bless.


p.s.- it’s been awesome getting to know you John.  truly a blessing and gift
from God to be your brother and friend.  i look forward to getting to know you
as my brother in Christ.  continue pressing on.

Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in
a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. 
Then, whether I come and see you or only
hear about you in my absence, I will know
that you stand firm in one spirit, contending
as one man for the faith of the gospel
without being frightened in any way by those
who oppose you.
Phillipians 1:27-28

I think this should be really good for the both of  us.  ‘Cept, my rents wanna ‘discuss’ what te plans are, I don’t think they want me going…

Oh well, I’m gonna go.

Ok, gotta get dressed.

Peace Lord.