Standard Theme 2.6 Released

One of the challenges of striving to craft and maintain the de facto blogging theme is not only making sure that the theme is under constant development, but also making sure that it continues to grow with some of the latest features that are native to WordPress.

Since the release of Standard Theme 2.5, we’ve been at work continuing to patch minor issues, roll out new features, and even update the branding of product.

As of today, Standard Theme 2.6 and associated beta version of upgrade kit are available!

Bug Fixes

  • Improved administration panel messaging when the theme is activated and fails to locate an expected directory
  • Added default files to initially empty directories to guarantee archive extraction
  • Minor improvement to breadcrumb generation functionality
  • Fixed long, non-breaking breadcrumbs that were not wrapping
  • Addressed a typo with the social icons
  • Fixed a positioning with the social sharers in IE7

New Features

  • Introduced support for WordPress Post Formats
  • Included icons for each of the post format types
  • Provided a permalink icon for each post format
  • Introduced a global loop file used by each of the page types
  • Added an H2 tag around the header image to improve SEO
  • Improved the Follower Count widget UI
  • Improved meta descriptions to support most commonly respect length by search engines
  • Removed Delicious from the sharing options
  • Added a unique ID to post entries to work nicely with Evernote clippings
  • Minor style improvements of H1 and H2 tags
  • Added a unique ID to the comment container when it has no comments
  • Upgraded jQuery to 1.5.1
  • Improved markup for breadcrumbs
  • Updated the Community Forum link in the admin panel
  • Modified the Navigation Walker class for easier highlighting of active category links via CSS

For the first time, we’ve also introduced the Standard Theme 2.6 Upgrade Kit – a beta installation that makes it easy to upgrade your existing Standard Theme 2.5.4 installation by simply copying over all modified and relelvant files. Be sure to examine the readme.txt file before proceeding!

The theme is now available for purchase at the new Standard Theme homepage and available alongside the upgrade in the 8BIT Support Forums.